Saturday, 5 July 2014

Top-Tips 4 Fashion Interns

After working at Clash and continuing to work with Maria Pizzeria I've discovered that interning is hard, but fashion interns have it hardest. These are things I've learned along the way.

1) Make Friends

Yes you're there to get experience and learn and grow and whatever, but it's really unlikely you're going to get offered a job at the end of it (because HELLO! it's the recession/2014/generation Y/selfies/instagram etc) so it's a good idea to make friends with other interns and employed people lower down the food-chain in case they're hiring for shit like this in the future (or if you need someone to work for you). 

I met a fashion intern from Dazed & Confused outside of a PR office and it was a brief moment of heaven where we locked eyes on each others suitcases and knew that neither of us had had enough sleep, that we were both lost little fledglings in this vacuous, vicious wonderful world, (and in these East london back streets), and that we were both simultaneously having the best and worst times of our lives. We laughed at our misery and exchanged kind words and our names, but I forgot hers straight away.

I miss you Dazed girl.

2) Comfort > Style

Obviously you want to look good, but it is more important to be able to do your job. Interning is hard work on your body, and you will need comfortable, reliable shoes. It's called trainers and they're cool now. You can look good style-wise and not have bleeding feet at the end of day one I promise.

Don't even think about wearing heels or anything with a thin sole if your internship is going to be anything like mine (7+ hours of non-stop walking/running/heavy lifting/standing on trains and buses etc). One of the days took me to Hackney, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Oxford Circus, Marylebone, Stoke Newington, Convent Garden and Lambeth, all with an increasingly heavy suitcase of clothes for a shoot). Have a coat with lots of pockets for phones/maps/travel cards etc, and don't wear clothes that are uncomfortable to wear all day, if you get very hot, or if you need to do lots of bending/reaching.

3) Keep Time

Figure out how long it takes you to get ready in the morning and then set your alarm accordingly.
Once you've done that, go back and factor in time for transport delays, wardrobe crisis, getting lost (especially for the first few days), inappropriate clothing choices when you do finally leave your house, and last minute requests from your boss. And always wear a watch.

3) Be Prepared

You can't do this without google maps. Even if you have spent every weekend of your life mapping the city your internship is in, finding studios and PR offices is like looking for a cool, stylish needle in a stupid, confusing haystack. Bring a backpack with you everyday. Have in it your wallet (with money), tissues, pens, a notebook, lip-balm, phone charger, travel cards, snacks, painkillers, plasters, and a bottle of water.

4) Ask

Don't know where you're meant to be going? Don't know how to work a steamer? Don't remember what kind of coffee your boss wanted? ASK.

You are there to learn, so it is important that if you do not understand or know something you find out (because it will find you out in the end). But don't ask too quickly. Only ask your boss if you have tried every possible option, because if it's then really obvious and you could've figured it out yourself you're going to feel like a dumb-ass.

4.5) But don't ask about designers names.

You should know this, even if you don't care about designers (you should really). It's like being a dentist and not knowing the different kinds of teeth. (I'll admit I couldn't pronounce Meadham Kirchhoff until I was sent to their studio and just kind of had to know it?? - it's like 'Meed-ham Kerch-off' btw) THIS HELPS. If you do get really stuck though put it in initials: 'I'm headed to the MK studio I'll be back in the office at 3" kinda thing and remember to STYLE IT OUT.

5) Own Up

Made a mistake? It's your fault. Do not put the blame on anyone else but yourself, just accept what you did was not what you should have done, apologise, and learn from it. I found this out working in a restaurant rather than at this internship but it's worth repeating. Don't beat yourself up though, making mistakes is how you learn.

6) Stairs are the enemy

Most of my days were spent with a huge heavy suitcase. I would leave the office in the morning praying that the wheels wouldn't buckle under the weight and say the c-word over and over again under my breath as I lugged the stupid thing up tube station stairs. Things you won't have noticed before will become of great importance - kerbs that slope down at crossing points, the extra wide ticket barriers in the tube stations, elevators and smooth pavements. Worship those who offer to help you carry things upstairs, these people must be protected at all costs.

7) Chill Out

If you find yourself in Oxford Circus at midday with a suitcase and a vague set of directions from a Polish builder whose grasp on English is not the tightest then I feel you. It will seem like everyone is trying to ruin your life, you've got eight places to go before the office closes, your feet won't take another step, that you can't get around this old man to save your life and you are about to push this group of Italian teens with London University hoodies into that incoming bus, but seriously, chill the fuck out. Use the back streets, breathe deeply, and try to eat something quickly, because your blood sugar is probably really low.

8) Take advantage of spare time

One day when I was working with a freelance stylist (not with the magazine), I was asked to do a pull from American Apparel, a process which involves walking around the store with a form where you basically write a list of items you want in colour, size and quantity. Pulls take hours because you have to wait around for the store to actually find these items and fill in loads of forms and blah blah blah.

Anyway, it was raining, and I'd been drinking until 2am and I was in Covent Garden for 9am, so with the four hours I had I went to The Diner, ordered black coffee and blueberry pancakes, went to Rokit and bought a grey sweater and then took a nap in a big chair in the downstairs bit of Cafe Nero. Find it hard to sleep in front of strangers? Not anymore kid. You're an intern now and you could fall asleep in front of a pack of savage wild dogs.

9) For when you want to quit...

You are an intern. You are the epitome of the started at the bottom line of that Drake song. 


So many people want to be doing what you're doing. You have a very exciting, cool job that gives you ACCESS to a world which not many people have access to. You will go to showrooms which you will want to live in forever, you will go to PR offices which have clothes laid out for Danny Brown, you will work with amazing stylists, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and assistants, you will dance around a set with a model in a cowboy hat and bikini to Drunk in Love and you will meet so many brilliant people. You will visit proper office buildings with doormen and a badge with your name on. Your name will be in print in a magazine that you bought every issue of for the past two years and you will leave having learnt a lot and got something great to put on your cv. Be nice, have fun, work hard.

10) Always keep a banana in your bag.

(All screengrabs from the Fashion Intern Problems tumblr)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

I Hate Sundays Playlist / Tracklisting 29/6

Weekend update / Small Print & Gardening

Now that I have a full-time office job (apart from being able to fully appreciate this Hard-Fi song), my weekends have become sacred. I mean I tried not to waste them before but when you're going to school three days a week from 11am you don't really giving a shit about TGIF's and other dumb shit like that.

So far this weekend I've packed in a night out in Dalston seeing bands, eating the best kebab-shop burger ever (I don't see Mc.Donalds letting you negotiate the price of their burgers), cleaning my house with a hangover (minus the blood in the hall from the party on Thursday), killing four flies, watching Frances Ha, writing songs, walking around Peckham in the rain with Kylie and a big loaf of bread, and sorting out a band practice with a guitarist who is moving house :(


Anyway, last weekend was Camden Crawl and I went to the Hawley Arms where Cal put on a bunch of my most important fave bands (inc. The Black Tambourines, Best Friends, Bloody Knees, and Theo Verney). All the Wolf Alice guys were there, and Swim Deep played a set towards the end (pic above) which was nice. My card got declined buying beer, I almost fell down the stairs (surprise surprise), I got a trainer to the jawbone and bruises all up my legs, got to hang out in the green room and met a guy called Apple and then went on a date sitting by the canal with all the rats and trash. Basically it was my favourite show of the year.

This week I've been working everyday and going home and trying to find a house to live in (yeah I still haven't got one) and then just doing the boring routine rubbish. I picked up the July 'American Dream' issue of Clash Magazine which I read on my lunch break on Friday, and found my name in very small small-print which is very exciting!!!??!!! 

In horticulture news, my mum is growing a vegetable garden back at home and is sending me pictures, and I'm going round to Kylie's house again soon to get rid of all the weeds so we can have a party or something, which I'm well excited about because I love gardening. #whoreticulture

Other than that, not much happened.

Have a safe week,

A x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Life Aquatic with The Golden Dregs

This brilliant Wes Anderson-style music video from the Fal-town crowd (created by Ashley Hampson) features a song by The Golden Dregs which seems to be made up of Katja (drums), Charlie (bass guitar), Sam (guitar), Jake (keyboard), Mike (backing vocals) and written and produced by Ben (who's the guy in the red hat). Max, Josh, and Jim make an appearance too.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

I Hate Sundays Playlist // Warming Up

It takes one thing for me to go from soul crushingly depressed to blissfully unaware of anything bad in the entire universe and that's the sun. I've been abandoning it recently to do important life things (like staying inside to go to classes/write essays/find a flat to live in/interning) but I'm hoping it's going to be out for my first day off in forever next Saturday for Field Day! So this (NOT THE OFFICIAL 2K14) summer playlist is for the days when you've decided that actually everything's probably o.k. because there isn't a god-damn cloud in the sky.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

So Fresh So Clean / Coachella Style

Summer music festivals are hurtling onto the horizon, and that means that onset panic in female attendees is too. Questions like; Can I wear a flower crown and a crochet free people dress or will I look too bohemian?, How short is too short for short shorts?, and Can I wear a bindi and a feather headdress? are being IM'd to that one friend of yours who did a bit of styling once at the speed of light because every person who's ever worn clothes designed for ladies to an outdoor music themed event knows nothing's worse than festival fashion fuck ups (and I've included genocide and Monsanto when I came to this decision).

So, to guide you gently along your way to wearing suitable yet kinda cool, nice outfits, I'm going to present my favourite Coachella '14 looks and tips, my first one being to never EVER wear a feathered headdress (unless you are Native American), or Bindi's (unless you are Hindu) or slogan t-shirts (I don't care who you are).

Do you see how her shorts blend in with the dead Californian grass? That is valedictorian-material accessorising and should only ever be attempted by experts and paired with neutrals, because when your match game is that strong, you need to keep everything else basic. The Idgaf mess on top of her head and the cool ass shades stop this outfit from looking too organised. 4*

Overall, this outfit is kinda boring. But what saves it dramatically is the pairing of the black Raiders cap and black (RayBans?) with that bleach blond hair, and a snarl that suggests she could empty the contents of any mans body cavity with her fingernails. Strong look. 3*

The colours in this look are so tight, and the lipstick really fucking pops. If she wasn't wearing minimalist structured shades, it would look a bit too much flamenco with the Cordovan hat, but in the end, this chaotic assemble fits perfectly, and they all lived happily ever after. 4.5*
I would like to award this outfit with 4 stars because I am 100% certain it would look fucking terrible on anyone else. 4*
You're wearing all white. To an outdoor, grass-based desert festival. Do you realise how impractical that is? Do you realise you will not be able to sit down, or consume anything that is not rice or milk? Do you also realise how insanely cute and perfect you look? The all-white everything is so on-trend, and again, the Dallas Mavericks baseball cap makes this outfit rad as hell. 4.5*
I can't understand how this works? Is it because the denim is in different shades?? Is it because the jacket looks vintage and the dress looks brand new??? Is it because she's tan and her bag matches her legs???? 4*
Holy shit this woman looks insane. I'm scared of her and I want to be her best friend at the same time. The sunglasses and American Apparel bustier says she knows what's up, the lip, shoes and jacket around her hips says she will be featured in more Coachella style guides than you've had disappointing human contact, and the slight nip-slip and stern look says she knows where to hide your body when she's through with you. 4.5*
This outfit works perfectly as an intro-to-boho look (and trust me, you don't want to venture past that). She has dusty leather boots, a fringed shoulder bag and an unstructured vest thing that proportions the outfit. It works because a) it's black. b) Because she's mixed in the tropical print AND black & white trend so it's not head to toe boho (if they were crochet shorts it would be game over at this point), and c) accessories are minimal to keep it clean. 4.5*
This final one was my favourite outfit that I saw from Coachella. And to illustrate my point, I don't actually like the shirt she's wearing, but this woman has put this together SO well I have disregarded my dislike and awarded her 5 stars. She just looks so cool. She even makes that water bottle look cool. Her accessories are really simple (black lens/clear frame glasses, black leather watch and black shoulder bag with a gold necklace). The dusty white converse/pristine white socks are 100%, and the scraped back hair thing directs all attention to that oasis-in-the-desert pop of electric blue dress. The shirt works because it's got all of the colours from the rest of her outfit on it (even a light blue), and it's detailed enough to make the outfit interesting as well as eye-catching. 5*
Top Tips!
  1. Minimal Accessories
  2. One colourful piece to draw the eye
  3. Probably get your legs out 
  4. Cool-ass sunglasses and baseball hats
  5. 'Lived-In' shoes
If that still doesn't help you can check out last summers post 'Festival Notes/Strandbar Samba' 

Good luck.

A x