Sunday, 13 April 2014

I hate Sundays // Watch this Money Pile Up

I'm doing an unpaid internship at the moment, and my student loan doesn't come thru for another three weeks, so for everyone else also writing papers instead of stacking them, here's a playlist built for sun drenched girls dripping jewels sipping Cristal, shining cars, cigar palms white bikinis and a whole lot of cliched, materialistic, wonderful people.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

A list of all the things I have eaten.

Hey losers I've gone a month without so much as thinking about this blog (jks - my heart ached for you all) because lots of exciting things have been going on, and I just thought I should keep you updated a lil' bit on what I've actually been doing instead of composing and publishing topical and vaguely humorous blog posts for you to read.

A) My dad came to visit me and we went up the Shard (omg!!) and went to Homeslice, the South London Gallery, took him on a memory/beer tour around East London and just generally had a good father-daughter time. 

B) My friend came to visit and we visited the Natural History Museum (made my top-10 fave places in London list), Homeslice (again, best pizza in London), bowling, burgers and arcade games on the South Bank, a cute sleepover at Lucinda's place and I found a Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan and a perfect leather jacket (finally!) when I went to East London the day after. All of this was time I was meant to be spending on my web-design final project and my essay (lol).

C) I went to see Yung Lean at Birthdays with Nicole and her friend Patrick. Also caught Maria Pizzeria and the guy with cornrows who reads Tarot Cards at things in Dalston. J Chhet was also there apparently but we didn't see each other which was lame. The show was great, apart from maybs the army of sweaty boys up in my face for four hours.

D) I went home for a little bit, which meant a cool eleven hour bus ride and then lots of sleeping, eating, arguing, and surfing. Because of the next thing that happened I had to cut my visit short by two weeks so I didn't even get to see my friends which SUCKED but the reason I had to leave will hopefully be worth it...

E) I got an internship at Clash Magazine! I started on Monday and I've mainly been going all over London visiting showrooms (e.g. Meadham Kirchoff) to return/collect things for upcoming shoots. I also almost walked straight into Vivienne Westwood in Oxford circus. It's super fun to have to go into an office everyday but it's also made me realise how easy it is being a student. DO NOT TAKE THAT SHIT FOR GRANTED.

I have been working on a lot of I Hate Sundays Playlists, but other than that, I've been...

Listening to:

  • Beyonce album (over and over and over and over...)
  • Salad Days by Mac DeMarco (which my friend Nick wrote a fab review of)
  • Hot Sugar's Seductive Nightmares Part ll (Fader Mix)
  • Twin Sister's Lady Daydream
  • And this:


  • BROAD CITY!!!!
  • The Eric Andre Show
  • Bob's Burgers
  • The X-Files

  • Lots of bananas, pizza and coconut water tbh. Had a really good lamb shawarma the other day, a spinach salad last night and a crazy slice of orange and dark chocolate polenta cake. I also had a cool sandwich with salami and tomatoes from Baker Tom's in Falmouth, some pancakes with raisins in that JChhet's mum made, lots of Cocktails from the Vault, and there's a pineapple on my bedside table which I'll eat part of tomorrow. Maybe I should turn this into a food blog? (No.)
I'll be back soon with playlists, How-to guides, long ranty arty bullshit and maybe some photographs if I can ever afford to get another camera developed. I'm out.

A x

Friday, 7 March 2014

Pretty Hurts - How to deal with face fuck-ups.

Hi MTV welcome to my face.

As someone who grew up reading CosmoGIRL! magazine, having consistent breakouts from the age of 12, and saying "no thanks I'm just looking" to the lady at the Clinique counter because I couldn't afford anything she was about to try selling me, I feel like I am pretty knowledgable about 'blemishes'.

But first of all, let me just say as a disclaimer thing, if you were at all under any impression that I am a dermatologist then you, my friend, are sadly mistaken. Also I'd like to add that can we please not ever refer to spots as blemishes, it's like referring to 18 counts of man slaughter as a slight accident.

I guess another thing I should mention is that this post is aimed at ladies, because there is a structural difference between men and women's facial skin,* so a lot of what I want to say won't apply to any men reading (sorry).


Junk Food

Eating sugary and oily foods will not give you spots, but they will make what you have (or will get) worse.* Generally a diet high in chemically processed stuff (inc. white pasta, rice, & bread) is bad news for every part of you (including mental health) so stick to a 80/20 clean diet and this should help.


I grew up thinking that if I didn't drink loads of milk I would get to sixty years old and literally snap in half, but that is complete and utter bullshit. Not the bit about getting osteoporosis, but the part where I needed to eat and drink lots of dairy to have strong bones. Attention everyone (especially my mum); there is more calcium in spinach, almonds, rhubarb and sesame seeds than there is in a glass of milk.* (you have to make sure you're getting enough vitamin D too but most people are good for this just by being outside)

Dairy products can give some people mega spots because milk contains naturally-occurring hormones called oestrogen and progesterone, which increase sebum production and lead to spots (bad).


Listen up people who like to wear make-up; you're good. Make-up DOES NOT give you spots (unless you get immediate spots, in which case it is probably an allergic reaction). What aggravates skin is trapped oil and dirt in your pores, so make sure you're properly cleaning it off after wearing it (which brings me to the next bit)


I know this sounds crazy but using skin-care products too much can give you spots. It's actually really fucking annoying now to read articles where models with nice skin offer advice which goes a bit like 'I've only ever washed my face with warm water'. Thanks.

I was really into using the Superdrug versions of Clearasil to nuke my skin as a young teenager, which should have had the tagline; 'The burning will trick you into thinking it's working!' because that was what I thought as I savagely drowned every pore in the acid that was the toner from the Deep Action Cleansing range.


Obviously if you are a teenager you'll go through puberty which is the least un-funny joke in the history of all time, and this will guarantee you spots and misery. Hormone spots are really sore ones around your jaw and on your chin, and you tend to get them before and during your period when your hormones are fucking-up big time. You just have to go through it tbh.


I love going to the gym, and playing basketball and tennis, and running around when I'm drunk. I also rode horses for five years and swam five days a week as part of my town's and school's swimming teams. This meant I got quite a lot of back acne because idk about you but none of the girls ever showered after p.e. (and we still smelled good) and chlorine is really drying and terrible for your skin, which gives you lots of spots as well. I also grew up (and spend half my year) on the coast, so get sunscreen/sweat spots from that. Yay!

Boys (or girls)

I don't think they can give you spots, but it might not help if they're stressing you out.


Sometimes you'll get spots for no reason, or a combination of reasons. Smoking (anything) will dry out your skin, germy lip-balm can give you spots around your mouth, city pollution can fuck you up bad, the stress of just generally being alive can set it off, as can perfume, sadness and balsam tissues when you've got a cold. Awesome.

These are things I do that seem to work
  • The Simply Pure range from Superdrug. I know I slagged Superdrug skincare off earlier in the post but it's cheap and using a combination of the exfoliator and cleanser once a day and the moisturiser twice a day is really helping (and I promise it doesn't sting).
  • Drinking lots of water, like two litres of room-temperature tap water everyday (no need for fancy bottled stuff)
  • Avoiding dairy. I drink unsweetened almond milk now instead, and use soy margarine. I try to avoid chocolate and cheese (if you love yourself do not try dairy-free cheese).
  • Never ever EVER scratch your face or pick your scabs. Don't touch blackheads and only squeeze spots if you've come out of a steamy shower (and I know this is going to sound totally gross but don't wipe away the oil stuff that comes out after the blood - it helps to heal it). I can't stress this enough and I wish I hadn't done this so much when I was younger.
  • Shower straight away after exercise.
  • Fresh, clean air, salty sea water, and sun seem to help. The air increases blood quality & flow which speeds up healing, and the salt water is antibacterial. The sun thing isn't scientifically proven, and you should definitely wear sunscreen because spots are preferable to skin cancer. I just think the tan makes it look less bad.
  • Eat a lot of kale, spinach, broccoli and general tasty healthy things like blueberries and peas. I avoid sugar and processed foods but I still eat pizza and ice-cream and drink beer and smoke sometimes because if I didn't then what is even the fucking point.
  • Disinfect tweezers, sponges and face-cloths, and clean make-up brushes in warm water and facial cleanser occasionally. I don't do this but I should.
  • Try to stay calm (lol) and get at least eight hours of sleep a night (lmao)
  • Remember that when you start properly treating spots they will get worse before they get better. Perseverance is God.
  • Take your make-up off with baby wipes before you cleanse your face, it's the equivalent of scraping left-over food into the bin before you wash the plate up.
  • Go to the doctors or a dermatologist if it is really bad. You might get a prescription for the pill, which is like the jackpot because you can forget about spots and unwanted pregnancies!
  • Try your hardest to be confident in yourself. No-one has perfect skin, and no-one really cares if you have spots when you're a nice, good person. You can wear make-up if it makes you feel better (my favourite concealer stick after trying lots of different ones is actually from the Tesco Skin range) but don't feel you have to because people don't like looking at pimples. Fuck 'em.
Good luck you beautiful spotty things.

A x

Terrible Movement S/S '14 LookBook!!

Recently I've been working with Maria Pizzeria, running off to American Apparel to pick up clothes, compiling magazine info (to inspire SOCKER MAG which I'm going to be doing the music section of), and assisting on shoots. Although it's quite hard work, I've had a lot of fun so far, met some really cool people and also learnt a lot of things (like how to steam a pleated skirt with one hand without burning yourself). Maria's a fab person to work for and hopefully there'll be lots of exciting things coming up!

For now though, here are the results of the Terrible Movement S/S '14 Mixtape Lookbook shoot which I helped style a bit, ran errands and tried hard not to dance at, and ate some nice salad and granola on set of. Enjoy!

You can view & buy items from the collection HERE (the crybaby crop-top/leather jacket combo speaks to my soul) and you can also check out the Clash Magazine/Terrible Movement playlist, featuring Weezer, Boneyards and Sonic Youth!

A x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Matt Hitt's Hot Tips & Last Minute Panic

It's the last two weeks of Spring term and I've got a handle on my essay (the semiotic meaning of Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance), my web design final project is on track, I have food in the fridge and plans for this weekend and I haven't alienated any of my friends due to stress and panic! (I don't think so anyway but please inform me if I have).

I mean, yeah obviously I'm losing it over London renting, summer plans (Internship? Job? Home? London? Festivals?), continuously being on the brink of illness, and still getting chin/jaw acne like a fourteen year old boy, but I can taste the ten-hour coach ride home (because I live in the same place THIS is happening and the train line is under the sea).

Anyway I guess I should fill you in about stuff, because last week interesting and things happened. On Thursday night I headed over to the Coda Agency offices. They book tours and shows for acts such as FKA Twigs, Melody's Echo Chamber, Foxygen, Daughter, Chairlift (and a butt-tonne more). It was for a Young Guns networking event, and it wasn't at all weird to be thrown into a group of music industry people and talk about what we do (which was a bit of a weird question for me to answer) and then listen to some people talk who get paid to do music industry things. I was having a really good time, and it made me think of this post I wrote back in March 2013 (weird?!), and how much more confident and chill I feel making small talk and stuff.

After meeting the bookers from Coda, musicians, venue owners, promoters, managers and A&R guys, I literally ran to the other side of town to catch Drowners at The Old Blue Last. Because I was really late I had to queue to get upstairs, but I also walked straight into the band who were outside. I thought, that because I'd been talking to music people all night, I would have something insightful or at least vaguely interesting to say but instead I blanked and tried to catch my breathe and then asked how their set was shaping up (?????) I didn't even care about the answer to that question that's how boring I was being. Anyway, praise be Matt Hitt, who not only is a dreamboat, but he's also a total decent person and offered me some band advice!

Awkward Hands 

Yeah so now that I'm in a band (soooo weird) hopefully I can put this chance meeting to good use. Their set was pretty good, even though I had to fight my way through a crowd of cute yet vicious fan girls in leather jackets (I was in one too but out of laziness more than anything) to get to the back where my boy Johny was stood talking with Tiger from Honey (one of the earlier bands).

I went back to that venue on Saturday night to see Best friends play, Bambi-ing out and dramatically eating the kerb before I even got there which was a low point (and now I have a massive bruise on my ass and my right shoulder)!! The show was fun though, and I hung around afterwards to chat to 'the lads' and show them the way to Brixton (N35 bus tour lolz). Since then I've been working my bruised butt off in school, because I'm really into it r/n with all the music content, and the fact that my Thursday lecturer helped produce Fuck Compton by Tim Dog.

Also FYI you might want to check out the Burger Records/PNK SLM Records show at (yeah you guessed it) the old blue last on Saturday night from half past eight. See you there! That's it for me now lads, take a selfie and be on your way.

A x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Happy Birthday You Ruin Everything!!

Writing about birthday cake on that last post reminded me that this blog is now over 1 year old (372 days to be exact), which is fucking weird but also very cool to have started something and kept it going for that much time I guess. Thanks for reading it, and I hope you keep on reading it because I've high hopes of another seventy years (lmao). Anyway, if you'd like to send me any congratulations stuff (particularly food) then just email me. (but don't bother with a cake unless it looks exactly like the one above including my shit 1am photoshop painting skills). Peace out.

You're Not Good Enough

Picture Credit Kaila from sflyte

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to be in the audience for Dev Hynes' london show. It was a kind of perfect blend of music people who were really really excited to finally be seeing him perform live and then this crazy mix of people on stage that kept joining him. Emily and me missed the support act but got there in time for overpriced beer and vibes from the (annoying tall) people up front. Dev & the gang got straight into it, without saying hi or anything, and played a very tight set with really stupidly funky bass lines and very smooth jazz-like saxophone. Samantha Urbani, Friends vocalist and his gf (see also: mega babe rocking cornrows on half her head) was a big part of it (much to my delight) and Skepta actually walked out on stage at one point for his verse on 'High Street'. If I had been drinking Pinot Grigio I would have been putting it up high in the air oh my god it was amazing.

HOWEVER it was let down by the abrupt ending where they just kind of finished, said thanks, and then walked off. The lights came up, and the house music came on and the stage started to be cleared and I felt very cheated and still a bit unhappy with the whole walking away from the stage thing that everyone else was doing because they were still obviously going to walk back up there. I have literally never been to a show where they've not done that and it was strange, like leaving a birthday party before the cake comes out.

Anyway it was still pretty tight, and it was yet another show which made me want to pursue concept albums and purchasing Microkorg synthesizers (which I am definitely seriously considering doing when I can afford it). Anyway, this week was a kind of return to school and normal life and work and stuff because the week before I was a shivering, sneezing flu infected wreck and I kind of abandoned all responsibilities because everything made me feel super dizzy.

I've reached the point now where I'm pretty sure I've reached capacity with responsibilities so to have almost a full week where you can't physically do anything is frustrating and boring and exhausting all at the same time, I felt a bit better by Thursday night but had no classes on Friday and I wanted company so hung out with people and made burritos and watched Lords Of Dogtown.

I'm working on my music semiotics essay all weekend and then heading to SW3 on Sunday to hang out with Emz before she goes back to Scotland.

And don't worry about me not having anything to write about now that I'm 'full capacity' responsibility wise. Of course there's more coming, being constantly on to the next is the only way I know how to live.

A x